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5 ISIS terrorists detained in Mosul

5 ISIS terrorists detained in Mosul
Five ISIS terrorists were detained in Mosul's right bank, Commander of Nineveh Police, Let. Gen. Hamad Nams al-Jubouri announced on Tuesday.

In a statement, Jabouri added that emergency forces of Nineveh police launched a search in Al-Harmat district.
Nineveh Police Chief Brigadier General Hamad al-Jabouri announced on Saturday that Nineveh Police Command arrested five ISIS-affiliated members in Mosul.

Jabouri said that the emergency forces, affiliated to Nineveh Police Command, have managed to arrest five ISIS affiliated members, who are wanted for terrorist crimes, in accordance with article 4/1 terrorism.

He praised the cooperation of Iraqi citizens in Mosul in arresting the fugitive criminals.

The terrorists were handed over to authorities concerned for further legal measures, Jabouri added.

In December 2017, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced gaining control on all the territories that were captured by ISIS, since 2014. However, the group still has dormant cells, through which it carries out attacks, across Iraq like it used to do before 2014.