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Mullah's Militias Carry out Summary Executions against Civilians in Aleppo

The Syrian Coalition condemned the war crimes the Iranian militias are committing against civilians in Aleppo, stressing that the international community bears responsibility for these crimes as it failed to prevent them.

Activists in Aleppo said that the Iranian militias summarily executed six young men in the neighborhood of Sakhour on Friday after those men returned to their homes in eastern Aleppo which completely fell to regime forces.

Member of the Syrian Coalition's political committee Yasser Farhan said that the Free Syrian Army and forces of the Syrian revolution will continue to resist the Russian and Iranian invaders until they are ousted from of all Syrian territory.

Activists in rural Aleppo said that the Assad regime and Russian air forces, having finished the brutal bombing campaign on eastern Aleppo, carried out intense airstrikes on western Aleppo over the past two days. Six civilians from one family were killed in airstrikes on the town of Atareb west of Aleppo on Saturday.

Regime forces have also significantly escalated aerial and artillery bombardment on Wadi Barada valley northwest of Damascus, pounding the rebel-held enclave with tens of barrel bombs and airstrikes over the past two days.

Farhan stressed that the international community has a responsibility to stop such crimes, pointing out that Russia is still not able to control the situation in Syria or sponsor any peace process.

Farhan raised questions about the UN Security Council resolution passed earlier this week which called for the deployment of UN observers in Aleppo. He said that the latest resolution has not yet been implemented, just as earlier UNSC resolutions on Syria which called for stopping attacks on civilians; unhindered delivery of aid to besieged and hard-to-reach areas; and the release of detainees were not implemented.

Iran is seeking to consolidate its presence in Syria through the deployment of sectarian foreign militias in key areas across the country, Farhan warned. (Source: Syrian Coalition's Media Office)