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President receives Nouri Al-Maliki, Hadi Ameri, Salim Al-Jabouri

President receives Nouri Al-Maliki, Hadi Ameri, Salim Al-Jabouri
President Brahim Salih stressed the importance of enhancing internal political cohesion and safeguarding the sovereignty, security and independence of Iraq.
While separately receiving Head of State of Law Coalition, Nouri al-Maliki, Head of the Conquest Alliance (al-Fatah Alliance), Hadi Ameri, and Former Speaker of Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Salim al-Jabouri, in Baghdad, President Salih stated that Iraq will not be a battleground for various political agendas, and Iraq has adopted a policy of neutrality with all states.
The President pointed to Iraq’s various executive and legislative institutions and their role in promoting the principles of the Constitution and adopting legal frameworks in dealing with crises. President Salih categorically rejected the idea that Iraq will be allowed to become a battleground for other countries. Iraq will work jointly for peace, development, progress and regional cooperation, he stated. 
He noted the significance of completing the ongoing investigation, currently being led by national authorities, regarding the recent explosions of weapons stores. The results will allow the development of a path forward towards enhancing security, independence, and sovereignty.
Strengthening national unity, boosting the federal democratic system, rebuilding the nation and improving the delivery of services to all citizens are the current priorities of the Iraqi state, President Salih said.  
His guests and interlocutors, in turn, asserted the importance of consolidating national unity to meet the challenges that Iraq is experiencing at this time so as to serve Iraq's higher national interests, safeguard its sovereignty, and boost joint action to de-escalate tensions while establishing peace and security in the region.