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Protests continue against Zarif's visit to Paris

Protests continue against Zarif's visit to Paris
Iranians residing in France, supporters of the Iranian Resistance, and human rights organizations took part in a rally against the visit to Paris by Javad Zarif, the mullahs' foreign minister.
Hundreds of Iranians took part in the protest, which started in the early hours of Friday at Place du Trocadero in Paris.
Demonstrators carried a large banner that read "Expel Zarif." They chanted: "Zarif is a terrorist, expel him.”
One of the placards carried by the demonstrators had the writing: "End making concessions to the mullahs.” Another placard read: “Shut down the Iranian regime’s espionage centers in Europe.”
The Paris District 1 municipality installed a large banner on the city hall opposing Zarif’s visit. The banner read: "Iran's Mullahs and its Foreign Minister violate our principles. We do not welcome them.”
France is Zarif's last stop on a European tour that began last weekend. His visits to Finland, Sweden, and Norway have been met with loud protests by Iranians residing in each of these countries. The protests highlighted widespread human rights abuses in Iran and the role of the mullahs' regime in terrorism and crisis-making in the region. In response to objections to the trip, the Swedish Foreign Minister stated that her government had not invited Zarif and he had come to Sweden at his own request.