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Why didn't Rashida Tlaib condemn Iran's crimes against Palestinians?

Observers: Why Rashida Tlaib didn't condemn Iran's crimes against Palestinians?

More than 250,000 Palestinians were displaced from their homes while their homes were destroyed by Iranian and Syrian regimes, but neither US Rep. Rashida Tlaib nor her colleague Ilhan Omar ever condemned such crimes, analysts said on Wednesday.

Earlier, Tlaib said at a press conference after she and Rep. Ilhan Omar were banned from visiting Israel "All I can do... is to elevate the truth the only way I know how."

Observers added that tens of thousands of Palestinians, who were displaced from Yarmouk refugee camp, were killed by the Shiite forces and militias.

They noted that Assad and Khamenei forces and militias had besieged the refugee camp for a long time, adding that tens of thousands of Palestinians died during this siege while politicians like Tlaib and Omar had never decried or even commented on these crimes.


Last Modified: Friday، 23 August 2019 04:03 AM