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Iran's defense minister: Top priority is boosting Iraq's defense power

Iran's Defence Minister: Top priority is boosting Iraq's defence power

Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami stressed in a meeting with Iraqi Minister of Interior Yassin Taher al-Yasiri that it is necessary for the two sides to have constant counseling with each other, reported Iran Press.

Calling Iraqi Ministry of the interior as a security-disciplinary body, Iran's top official highlighted that" it has a significant role in providing security and stability for Iraq and as a result for the whole region."

Referring to the many mutual issues linking the countries of Iran and Iraq, Brigadier General Hatami said that "history, culture, religion and the mutual civilization along with the political and the security of the region all and all necessitate that the two countries should work together through direct and constant contact and counseling so that the mutual ends would be met.

Brigadier General Amir Hatami, while appreciating the measures taken by Iraqi officials including Iraqi's minister of interior to provide the security for the Iranian pilgrims specially in the Holy Month of Muharram and on the 40th day of Imam Hussein's martyrdom known as Arbaeen, added that the comings and going of the pilgrims prove to be the sign of existing social link between the two sides which at the same time having special function for the two nations.

Iran's defense minister, while pointing to the fact that the will of the officials is based on developing the strategic ties, said that Iran-Iraq mutual ties have never been so friendly and brotherly that it is now and the present situation the ties are uniquely historic.

"The Support of Iran for the Iraqi nation and government during the terrorist attack on Iraq is not considered as a tactical short term measure but it is rather out of the hearty beliefs as well as the long-term and the strategic ones," Hatami emphasized referring to the fact that the joint cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Interior has always been important for Iran.

Hatami said that "Iraqi security is along with Iran's security and as much as we try for creating our own stability and the security, the security of Iraq is also important for us."

Talking about the vast potentials of Iran's Ministry of Defense in paving the ground for the cooperation with Iraq, the Iranian defense minister expressed hope that through the bilateral cooperation, the ties between the two ministries will be developed.

Yassin Taher al-Yasiri, while appreciating Iran's support for Iraq in confronting with the terrorist outfits, during the meeting said that the bilateral cooperation between Iran and Iraq which is of military-security nature is among the top priority of the Iraqi government.

Stressing the fact that Iran has been the first country which stood by Iraqi nation's side in a battle against ISIS, the Iraqi minister of interior said that there is an institutionalized belief accepted by the Iraqi politicians and military characters that Iran can be considered as the trustable country at the time of crisis.

Talking about the fact that the security of the pilgrims of the Holy places should be taken care of, the Iraqi minister concluded that the two sides should develop their ties in the different aspects.


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