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IMIS militant admits several killed in attack against militia's camp

Unidentified warplanes target IMIS HQ -Sources

A video that was circulated on social media on Monday showed a militant of Iran-backed militias in Iraq (IMIS) who admitted that a camp affiliated to the militia was attacked by warplanes.

He added that a number of militants were killed while others were injured, noting that the camp had been totally destroyed by the attack.


بهذا المنطق الداعشي
وضعت ولاية الفقيه
الشيعة في فوهة
مدفع دولي
كما فعلت القاعدة
مع السنة
و في هذا الفيديو
اعترافات ان
القصف كان جويا
لاسلحة ايرانية
مما تسبب بقتل
وجرح اشخاص
داخل المخازن
بخلاف بيانات
الحكومة والحشد#طحن_إيران #نيران_إيران


He also claimed that this destruction will make the militias more strong and that they will avenge this attack.


Observers noted that Iran is putting Shiites on the line of fire against the international powers like what was done by al-Qaeda when it put Sunnis on the line of fire against the international powers and community.


They condemned such moves, noting that this video asserts that the Iraqi government and IMIS had gave false statement concerning the attack on the Shiite militia camp.

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