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Iran says creating safe zone in Syria 'cause of instability'

Abbas Mousavi

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has said it considers the establishment of a safe zone in Syria a "cause of instability" in the region, as the US and Turkey have recently reached an agreement to create such a zone.

In remarks on Sunday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Moussavi said "such measures, like other actions taken by the American officials, are the cause of instability and, in addition to interference in Syria's domestic affairs, they will create insecurity in the region as well.”

Moreover, Moussavi considered Washington's move in northeastern Syria as a "blatant violation of the country's legal sovereignty and territorial integrity and is against the principles of international law and the United Nations Charter."

The creation of a safe zone in northeastern Syria came after Turkey threatened to carry out a military operation against the US-backed Syrian Kurdish forces in the region.

Last Modified: Thursday، 22 August 2019 02:24 AM