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Israeli warplanes reportedly shelled the IMIS armory - sources


Israeli fighter jets were reportedly involved in the shelling that targeted the IMIS armory in Baghdad belt, leaving huge explosion and smokes in Baghdad on Monday.


اهتمام الصحافة الاسرائيلية بانفجار معسكر ابو دشير جنوب بغداد هو تلميح لتبني الطيران الاسرائيلي له...فيديو يوضح الوضع في ابو دشير الان.@EdyCohen @simonarann


Sirens sounds have been heard near the US embassy in Baghdad, following the explosion that rocked the Iraqi capital on Monday, eyewitnesses told The Baghdad Post.

A warplane reportedly bombed an armory of the Iranian-backed militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) at Saqr (Falcon) base southern the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, according to the eyewitnesses.