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Two terrorists threaten to kill Baghdad Post head Sufian Samarrai

Revealed: 2 terrorists threaten to kill Baghdad Post head Sudian Samarai

Ziad al Ayouby and Sofyan dalw, who claim they are representatives of Fatah group, threatened to kill chairman of The Baghdad Post Sufian Samarrai.
Samarrai called on the Palestinian Authority to arrest those criminals and bring them to justice.


Ayouby, who claims that he is a lawyer and a political analyst as well as a coordinator of the Arab union for supporting Saudi Arabia and a representative of Saudi King Salman in Palestine, threatened Samarrai in a tweet saying "If you ever tried to enter Palestine, you will get out of it as a corpse.. as a dead dog."



While, dalw, who claims that he is a member of Palestinian Liberation Organization and Fatah group, said "If you, Sufian Samarrai, tried to enter Palestine, I promise you will be executed."


Israeli Foreign Ministry condemned the issue and expressed Israel's respect to Samarrai who said the truth about what is going in Palestine and al Quds city.



It added that all Muslims can perform their prayers in Al Aqsa Mosque but some misuse this right to incite against Arab and Muslim visitors via terrorizing them while Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas call on Muslims to visit al Aqsa Mosque.


Earlier, sources said that those two criminals are affiliated to a terror cell that threatens and kills Arab media figures who are willing to visit Jerusalem within their initiative to support peace process in the Middle East between the Palestinians and Israel.


Analysts and observers had confirmed several times that the Palestinian cause had been misused by some figures and groups inside and outside Palestine to loot and terrorize the Palestinians via taking trillions of dollars since 1948 and continue the war between the Palestinians and Israel to gain more control and money from the de facto state.

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