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Death threat to Sufian Samarrai exposes Palestinians battle against peace process

Documented: Baghdad Post chairman Sufian Samarai receives death threat

A huge number of Arab media figures are now supporting the peace process in the Middle East and want to visit Israel within an initiative that aims at bringing the heads of the Palestinians and the Israelis together to reach peace, security and stability in the whole region.

Earlier, one of those media figures announced his wish to visit Israel and to perform his prayers in al Aqsa Mosque in order to show to the whole world that Arabs and Muslims are not terrorists and want to prevail peace between Israel and the Palestinians within efforts to reach stability in the region.

But this well-known media figure, who is also the chairman of The Baghdad Post Sufian Samarrai, had received a death threat on Twitter after he tweeted saying that Israel is not a problem for Arabs but Iran and its militias are the ones that are occupying four Arab countries.

In a tweet, Samarrai said "We don't have a problem with Israel. There is no Israeli militias that are occupying four Arab countries. There is no Jewish groups that are forcing you to change tour religion like the Iranian gangs. Islam had never incited against Jews because Judaism is an Abrahamic religion. The only enemy is Iran."

Zaid el Ayouby, who claims that he is a lawyer and a political analyst as well as a coordinator of the Arab union for supporting Saudi Arabia and a representative of Saudi King Salman in Palestine, threatened Samarrai in a tweet saying "If you ever tried to enter Palestine, you will get out of it as a corpse.. as a dead dog."

Ayouby is well-known for his support to terror groups within his claims that he is a representative of the Palestinian government in which he is also able to receive money from donors and supports of the Palestinian cause to fund and support terror groups inside and outside Palestine. These terror groups had killed, tortured, abducted, looted and terrorized hundreds of thousands of people in the name of the Palestinian cause and the liberation of al Aqsa Mosque.

These terror groups and its representatives and supporters like Ayouby continue to threaten and terrorize well-known media figures like Sufian Samarrai who expose their plots and crimes to the whole world.

Ayouby is not the only one who threaten media figures especially that he is connected to terror groups including Hamas, Hezbollah and Muslim Brotherhood and backed by Iran and Qatar that threaten and kill all those who are supporting the peace process in the Middle East.

Analysts and observers had confirmed several times that the Palestinian cause had been misused by some figures and groups inside and outside Palestine to loot and terrorize the Palestinians via taking trillions of dollars since 1948 and continue the war between the Palestinians and Israel to gain more control and money from the de facto state.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians were killed by the forces and militias of the Iranian regime in the past 40 years within Iran's claims that it is supporting the Palestinian cause but the real thing is that it is supporting its so-called revolutionary ideology that aims at ruling the whole world.

The ignoring of the Palestinian authority of such crimes, like Ayouby's threats, will contribute to more threats and crimes against those who seek to support the peace process in the Middle East. And that means that the Palestinian Authority is not concerned about the peace process and is only concerned about more clashes and chaos in the region to gain more donations and funds from sympathizers in the Arab and Muslims worlds.


Last Modified: Sunday، 18 August 2019 06:12 PM