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Armed militias destabilize Sinjar: official

Yazidi women

Saido Chato, head of Nineveh Provincial Council, has described the situation in Sinjar as unsafe, as the city is threatened by armed militias.

In a statement, Chato said that “some militias destabilize the safety of people in the town and surrounding areas, which suffer from a lack of services.”

Chato stressed the necessity that parliament issue a decision that considers the disaster in Sinjar as a genocide crime.

He also added that more than 6,500 Yazidis are displaced in camps, while 80 mass graves that included remains of Yazidis killed by ISIS were found.

Around 3,000 Yazidi women who were kidnapped by the militant group are still missing, he further said.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 06 August 2019 03:45 PM