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Rouhani, Zarif renew calls on Europe to ignore US sanctions


Iran’s president has warned his French counterpart that the 2015 nuclear deal might not survive if European signatories do not honor their “commitments” and fail to cooperate with Iran.

President Hassan Rouhani in a telephone conversation on July 30 with French President Emmanuel Macron urged France, the United Kingdom and Germany to “normalize banking and oil trade as a first step in honoring commitments Iran expects.”

After the US pullout from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), as the nuclear accord is known, Iran has been pressuring Europe to ignore US sanctions and help Iran in trade to save the agreement.

In May, Iran announced its intention to reduce its own commitments, by increasing uranium enrichment and other steps, and threatened a gradual pullback from the JCPOA.

Rouhani told Macron that up to this point if Europe takes steps to address Iran’s demands, it would be possible to return to where the nuclear deal is fully implemented by Tehran, but in case of further delays, “going back to the starting point will be hard for both sides.”

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reiterated Rouhani’s demands on Wednesday, July 31, telling state television that Iran is set to further cut its commitments to its international nuclear deal unless its European partners move to protect it from US sanctions by ensuring it can sell oil and receive income.

"Under current circumstances and if no action is taken [by the Europeans], we will take the next step [in cutting commitments]," Zarif said, adding that its European partners should guarantee Iran could sell its oil and collect the revenue.

Last Modified: Thursday، 01 August 2019 05:02 PM