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Towards a hijacked nation no more

We sometimes hear of hostage situations in the news and oftentimes see hijackings in films. While such events usually last briefly and only affect a limited few, they frequently captivate millions, who despite having possible heart-wrenching feelings can nonetheless never truly understand the pain experienced by those involved or the trauma survivors carry for the rest of their lives. But what would happen if this were to occur on such a large scale that millions were directly affected?

Forty years ago, Iran was hijacked by terrorists, leading to an entire nation being taken hostage. Unlike typical hostage situations, there was no rescue attempt. The international outrage that followed soon subsided into the mere fog of a memory and the world gave in to the hijackers, even going so far as to provide them with the cloak of legitimacy. Meanwhile, generations of Iranians have been suffering under the cold, harsh hands of their captors.

Sectarianism, oppression, detentions, kidnappings, assassinations, death squads, and terrorism have all ensued since Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini orchestrated the largest hijacking the world has ever seen. The man who had promised Iranians that he would “break [their] teeth” not only began to do so but also started exporting his violent ways abroad, affecting millions in Iraq, the Levant and around the world. His successor, current Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, has taken Khomeini’s sadistic ideology even further within Iran and has increased the number of terrorist groups under his control worldwide.

Through these terrorist cells – some the size of an army – the tyrants of Tehran have carried out countless acts of terrorism in every corner of the globe, from the Middle East and Africa to Europe, Asia and even as far as South America. The terrorist Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) in Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon, IMIS militias in Iraq, Shiite groups in Africa and South Asia, and drug cartels in countries like Venezuela all do the bidding of the mullahs. In Europe, IRGC-linked operatives have been virtually free to conduct surveillance and assassination attempts against the democratic Iranian resistance, as well as against Israelis and Jews.

In the 40 years of horror produced by the illegitimate terrorist regime, the international community has barely even batted an eye. Rather, the majority of nations have instead decided to look the other way while dealing with the regime as a sovereign government, either out of greed, fear or post-colonial guilt. Indeed, the only red line for the world’s major powers has been Tehran’s desire to acquire nuclear weapons, with discussions only taking place over to what extent Iran can develop a “peaceful” nuclear energy program. But this line of thinking among the international community is a dangerous mistake. President Trump was right in withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal signed under the Obama administration, while the Europeans try to cling on in an attempt to appease the mullahs.

The main issue is not Iran’s ability to possess nuclear weapons, or even whether it can have nuclear energy or not. The issue has always been and remains the fact that the mullahs are terrorists who have hijacked an entire nation, taken its people hostage, and stolen its wealth in pursuit of spreading world chaos and destruction. A terrorist organization with the power of a nation at its disposal cannot be trusted with a butter knife, let alone nuclear energy it could easily use in its apocalyptic plans. As Trump rightfully concluded, the failed nuclear deal was a disaster that merely provided Tehran with billions of dollars to advance the capabilities of its proxies around the world and prepare for total war.

The world must open its eyes to the evil laid bare before it. There is no compromise to be made with the malicious mullahs and no legitimacy to be given them. Iran is not a rogue nation; it is a nation taken hostage by terrorists. A well-planned rescue attempt is long overdue. The only just path forward is the one towards a hijacked nation no more.