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US Congress passes 'Preventing Destabilization of Iraq' bill

US Congress to Pass Bill on 'Preventing Destabilization of Iraq'
The US Congress approved in its majority to renew the law of “Preventing Destabilization of Iraq”.

Days earlier, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on four Iraqi figures: two of them are IMIS leaders and the two others are former governors.

While Baghdad has set up a special committee to look into the US Treasury Department decision, the Central Bank of Iraq froze the accounts of the four officials who have had US sanctions imposed on them, in an implied approval by the government.

Former Iraqi Minister of Human Rights Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani wondered in a tweet whether this is a new mandate or a decision to make Iraq a conflict zone for neighboring countries.

The president shall impose sanctions against a foreign person that intends to conduct violent acts to impact the peace and stability in Iraq. The US Secretary of State would also be responsible for annual preparation and renewal via publishing the list of militias, armed groups or forces in proxy in Iraq receiving logistics, financial or military support from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).
Last Modified: Sunday، 28 July 2019 11:57 PM