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Why should the world unite to confront Iran?


Over the past two months, Iran has served as proof that diplomacy and soft canals to resolve the crisis in Middle East are useless, harassing all world powers that have been fighting to save the nuclear deal Tehran inked with them in 2015.


US President Donald Trump has been calling for a tough reaction against Iran in order to stop its violent acts and interference in other countries, from Iraq to Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. Now Iran is threatening navigation in the Arabian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, making it impossible to negotiate anymore.


The UK was one of the major powers that has been calling for protecting the nuclear deal and bringing the US back to the negotiation table; however, Tehran has paid back the favor by abducting two vessels carrying the British flag.


The power of Iran has increased, especially after raising the limit of its uranium enrichment to 5%, which exceeds the limit agreed upon in the nuclear deal, increasing the risk of a terrorist regime having a nuclear weapon in a very troubled region.


Iran respects nothing but the language of force, and if the world does not unify, this evil regime will expand and become an undefeated beast that will threaten not only its neighbors, but every country in the world, spreading terrorism, chaos and destruction worldwide.

Last Modified: Monday، 22 July 2019 08:39 PM