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Iraqi camp officials isolate newcomers from Syria: HRW


Human Rights Watch (HRW) has warned that the Iraqi authorities are making preparations to isolate a group of displaced Iraqis who are expected to be transferred from Syria to Iraq.

HRW revealed that the authorities at the Jadah camp in southern Mosul city have relocated a total of 175 families who reportedly live in a sector called "400" to another part of the camp while they are making preparations to receive the newcomers from neighboring Syria.

The human rights organization added that “sector 400” will be used for the purpose of isolating the displaced people coming from Syria's al-Hol camp from the other individuals in the camp.

HRW's acting director for the Middle East, Lama Fakih, pointed out that the arbitrary arrest of the returnees for alleged and baseless assumptions of affiliation to ISIS is a "violation of Iraqi and international law."

"Segregating families, mainly women, and children coming from Syria is a step toward stigmatizing and labeling them in the absence of any credible allegation that they have committed a crime," Fakih said in the HRW report.


Last Modified: Monday، 22 July 2019 02:51 PM