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Activists say Mohandes, IMIS behind heinous crimes in Tarmia

IMIS seeks to open Iranian consulate near Mosul to provoke Christians

Activists on social media asserted that the policy of Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi is unchanged concerning the entry of security forces and Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) into Iraqi cities and their immediate threat to innocent civilians, such as in Tarimia city.

The activists added that IMIS policy after entering Tarmia is to destroy the city and displace its residents as done by IMIS before in several Sunni cities, including Mosul and Fallujah, as part of the IMIS conspiracy to control Sunni areas in Iraq while claiming they are entering these cities to fight and defeat ISIS.

IMIS is not just a number of volunteering militias aiming to eliminate the threat of ISIS in Iraq, but they are now more powerful than the official Iraqi forces have total control of the areas where they are positioned.

Activists noted that the militias have received millions of dollars as salaries, while no one knows the exact number of militia members. The activists also added that the militias looted millions of dollars more from the government and civilians, as well as seizing and looting houses of innocent Sunni Iraqis who were living in the cities that they entered and controlled during their so-called fight against ISIS.

Reports said that IMIS leader Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes has ordered his militants to kill, torture, abduct and displace thousands of Sunni Iraqis, as well as loot their houses and property.

IMIS leaders have said the militias include about 150,000 militants, while analysts and observers have confirmed they are exaggerating the number of militants in order to gain more support and money from all parties, including the Iraqi government.

Activists also noted that the government had cut the salaries of civil servants in order to pay the salaries of IMIS militants, and that poverty is spreading among the Iraqi people due to the government's ill-measures aiming at solving the problem of the salaries of IMIS militants.

Observers also said that the militias are destroying every city they enter in Iraq and that is what is happening now in Tarmia, where they incite sectarian conflict between Sunnis and Shiites after they killed numerous Sunni people in the city.

Activists called for disbanding IMIS in order to avoid their continuous crimes against innocent people.


Last Modified: Sunday، 21 July 2019 07:27 PM