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Political disputes postpone appointing new education minister

Iraq Parliament

Saairun Alliance MP Abbas Aliwi said that the vote over the new education minister at the parliament is likely to be postponed to September, pointing to the lack of agreement between political blocs on the new candidate.
"Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi is obliged to submit the names of potential ministers without returning to the political blocs, as they failed to provide a candidate who can obtain the parliament's confidence," Aliwi said in a statement.

The parliament will hold five meetings before the end of the second legislative term, he said, adding that in the case no candidate were submitted, it will be resolved through the third legislative term. 

"Mostly, it will be postponed to September due to the lack of political agreement, as well as no candidates having been nominated by Abd al-Mahdi."

Khadija Ali, parliamentary rapporteur, revealed in a previous statement that the parliament sent a letter to Abd al-Mahdi requesting him to send the curriculum vitae of a new candidate for the Ministry of Education before the start of the legislative holiday.


Last Modified: Sunday، 21 July 2019 03:39 AM