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Ahmadinejad suggests direct negotiations with US, contrary to Khamenei

Iran former President Ahmadinejad

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has asked his country's officials to enter into direct negotiations with the United States, contrary to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's doctrine that opposes the diplomatic solution with Washington, describing the negotiations as "doubled poison".

In remarks to the New York Times, Ahmadinejad suggested that the Iranian and US governments have to discuss a number of differences between the two countries through direct negotiations.


"Trump is a businessman, so he can calculate the cost benefits and make a decision,” Ahmadinejad told the New York Times. “We tell him to let us calculate the long-term cost benefit between our two countries and not be shortsighted."


Ahmadinejad's call contrasts with Iran's assertion that it will not enter into any direct negotiations with the United States, especially given the growing economic sanctions imposed by Washington.


Iran-US relations are strained at the diplomatic, economic and even military levels, especially after Tehran has struck down the security of international shipping in Gulf waters and the Strait of Hormuz, threatening to restrict the movement of oil tankers.

Last Modified: Sunday، 21 July 2019 05:53 AM