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Basra citizens continue protests against deteriorating services


In Friday's protests organized by the Hikmah movement, citizens have called on the federal government and local municipal entities to implement their legitimate demands, or else they will escalate their protests.

In a statement, Hikmah Secretary-General Balig Abu Kalal said, "We will bow down until the government complies with our demands."

"We will not yield to corruption, chaos or failure," the statement added.

Abu Kalal summarized the demands of protesters as follows:

- Providing job opportunities for unemployed youth and benefiting from the national competencies instead of foreign labor.

- Providing public services (such as electricity, health and municipal services).

- Fighting corruption on all levels and holding corrupt officials accountable in order to restore Iraq's stolen and smuggled wealth.

- Ending party quotas in order to distribute official posts fairly.

- Ending the era of armed militias and keeping weapons in the state's hands.

Meanwhile, security forces blocked the roads leading to the government building of Basra in the area of Al Ma'qil to protect the demonstrators on Friday.

Basra governor Asaad al-Eidani denied imposing a curfew in the city.

Basra police chief Rashid Falih confirmed that the security services are ready to face any rioting that would destabilize the security and stability of the province.

Last Modified: Saturday، 20 July 2019 06:54 PM