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UNGA condemns Mullah's regime executions, torture at prisons

Mullah's regime violations

UN General Assembly has condemned the human rights violations committed by Iranian regime including executions, organized torture at prisons and unfair trials.

By a vote of 85 to 35 with 63 abstentions, the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution expressing “serious concern” about Iran’s high rate of executions without legal safeguards, ongoing use of torture, widespread arbitrary detentions, sharp limits on freedom of assembly, expression, and religious belief, and continuing discrimination against women and ethnic and religious minorities.

The resolution called on Iran to eliminate “all forms of discrimination, including economic restrictions” against religious minorities in Iran. It also called for the release of “all religious practitioners imprisoned for their membership in or activities on behalf of a recognized or unrecognized minority religious group, including the seven Baha’i leaders.”

The resolution was introduced by Canada, and co-sponsored by 41 other nations. It is the 29th such resolution expressing concern about human rights violations in Iran by the General Assembly since 1985.

In a reaction, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi strongly dismissed as politically-motivated the approval of a recent human rights resolution by the UN General Assembly against Iran.

Iran condemned the approval of such resolutions which are ratified in an unrealistic manner against Iran and based on double-standards of the western governments and through adopting a biased and political approach; Iran dismisses the instrumental and political use from the human rights issue by the Western countries and deeply believed that such approach will bear no result other than victimizing human rights and the international public opinion's lack of confidence in the international human rights mechanisms," Qassemi told reporters on Tuesday.

He noted that the resolution approved by the UN General Assembly is not something new and it is overall approval of the same resolution which had previously been approved by the UN General Assembly's subcommittees.

In relevant remarks in mid-November, Qassemi condemned a UN resolution on the state of human rights in Iran as "unacceptable and baseless".