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Calls to eliminate sectarian militias attacking homes, smuggling oil


Social media activists have called for the elimination of sectarian militias, which are attacking citizens’ homes, threatening their lives and smuggling oil in Basra, before they become a scourge that cannot be defeated.

The activists stressed the need to analyze the ideological political discourse of these militias in order to clarify the reality of their intentions associated with Iran’s interests. They added that the Iraqi government’s continued silence and disregard to the behavior of these militias will sooner or later put Iraq in a new military confrontation.

The Iranian-backed militias are the cause of armed hegemony and the elimination of all voices opposing Iran's policies in Iraq. They are facing furious reactions from Iraqis, as well as having international and regional sanctions imposed on them.

These militias are also smuggling oil from Basra in cooperation with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), activists said.

It is not only one side that works to smuggle oil, but several parties coordinate together in these crimes, including gangs and influential officials, according to activists.

They pointed out that all efforts are needed to combat this scourge that threatens the country's wealth and benefits the pockets of greedy people rather than going into the pockets of the poor in Basra and all over Iraq.

The control process must be carried out at a high level of coordination between security and judicial authorities, as well as citizens who must contribute to eliminating militias through filing complaints on cases of smuggling.

The Baghdad Post monitored the reactions of social media users regarding the threats of sectarian militias in the province of Basra.

Haitham Shukri's account said: "Militias must be eliminated."

Another account, Falcon Al Mosul, stated that "the country is in chaos and lawless."

Last Modified: Saturday، 20 July 2019 04:27 AM