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Renewing Maliki secretary-general of Dawa Party 'unprecedented': Abadi

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Former Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, member of the terrorist Islamic Dawa Party, described on Wednesday renewing Nouri al-Maliki as secretary-general of the party as an unprecedented violation that had not occurred before in the history of Iraq.

Abadi further explained in a statement that Maliki was not elected in elections, but rather just received a renewal, which had never happened before.

Abadi pointed out that this came as a surprise, because the party council agreed to postpone the elections. He also stressed that politicians who do not add anything to the interests of the party are not allowed to use it for gain.

He also denied any intentions to found a new party, pointing out that he was going to win these elections, but he preferred to focus on the government formation first.

“I was keen on introducing new faces to the scene, but I was surprised, as how do you deal with a man who does not respect his words and pledges,” Abadi added.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 17 July 2019 06:34 PM