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Sinjar officials blame militias for security crisis, call for solution

Sinjar security

Local officials have blamed the security concerns and inability of Yazidis to return back to their homes on the presence of several unofficial militia forces in the disputed town of Sinjar.

In remarks on Tuesday, Mahma Khalil, the mayor, said many militia factions operate illegally in the town, creating an unstable security situation for civilians.

Most of the factions are controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, including the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS), which has been responsible for a number of crimes in Iraq.

“We are asking for a unified and officially recognized security force under the rule of law to protect the town,” Khalil said.

“There are armed groups in the area who do not belong to the Iraqi security forces” and act “with no regard for the Iraqi law or government authority,” the mayor stated, adding that the local authorities have called on the Iraqi government “for a solution.”

Moreover, Wais Nayef Badal, head of the Sinjar sub-district council, urged more efforts by Baghdad to improve the security situation in the region.

“The central government [in Baghdad] is responsible for the security of the country,” he said. “We are asking the government for a long-term solution to this problem.”

Last Modified: Wednesday، 17 July 2019 06:06 PM