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Activists call for trial of Maliki for crimes against Iraqis

Iraq`s Former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki

Social media activists called for a national campaign to demand the trial of former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for his crimes against the Iraqi people.

The activists stressed that the deep state established by Maliki in Iraq with the support of Iran’s terrorist regime now stands between him and a trial for the crimes he committed during his eight years of bloody rule.

They pointed out that Maliki’s crimes in Iraq include the Zarqa massacre in 2007, the Suq al-Shuyukh massacre in 2008, the Hawija massacre in 2013, and the handover of Mosul to ISIS in 2014.

Other crimes mentioned by the activists include the assassination of civilian activists, violations of human rights, turning the security establishment into a sectarian tool to liquidate opponents, the Saqlawiyah massacre, and the Speicher massacre in 2014.

Theft, waste of public money, administrative and financial corruption, and the promotion of sectarianism have also been mentioned by the activists.

They stressed that Malik must pay for these crimes and others.

It is necessary to judge Maliki and his assistants, as well as other Iraqi and non-Iraqi partners, for continuing to destroy the concept of the state and working to establish a sectarian or utilitarian state.

The sectarian factions of his movement have suppressed and killed many people and put tens of thousands of innocent people in prisons, where they are tortured and abused, and their families are blackmailed by the corrupt authority.

They urged a trial to pursue certain Iranian officials and condemn the entire Tehran regime because of its blatant interference in Iraq's internal affairs and its crimes of murder, terrorism, intimidation and human rights abuses.

A trial would last for many years outside Iraq under international supervision to escape Tehran`s interference, they added.

The Baghdad Post monitored social media activists’ reactions to demanding the trial of Maliki.

Gazwan Salam said: "There is no such thing as a deep state; there is something called loyalty to Iran."

"A national campaign and media hashtag must be launched, claiming to prosecute Nouri al-Maliki and those who were with him in power in that dark period," Ahmed Algommane said.

Mohammed Abdullah posted: "No comment, because all the political blocs and parties are corrupt without exception."

"Whoever raised the flags of sectarianism, killed innocents, abandoned people, destroyed houses and kidnapped people from their homes on the pretext that they belong to ISIS will pay the price. Some of those people belong to Anbar and Saqlawiya, who are still more than 1,000 men in the prisons," Mohamed Rashid Stoy said.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 17 July 2019 08:32 PM