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The nightmare of checkpoints Iraqis live daily

A file photo of a checkpoint

Security checkpoints have become a nightmare for all Iraqi citizens, in addition to the daily concerns of economic and social conditions in the country.

They have become a major problem that faces citizens on a daily basis, and Iraq's security at the same time, while no Iraqi university or research center has submitted a single study that resolves this dilemma. However, several Iraqi media platforms have highlighted the concerns of the daily suffering of citizens.

Observers pointed out that with the huge number of invaluable security checkpoints, the governmental effort should be doubled, because of the absence of the real security strategy in dealing with the inspection of cars and people, routine procedures, the usual questions implemented by the control agents, the absence of support and weak capabilities, equipment and modern techniques in dealing with logistics, technical materials and people, methods of detection, inspection, and rapid treatments.

Observers also confirmed that many reports dealt with the continued phenomenon of some authorities who exploit the citizens and blackmail them in various forms, or in their failure to perform the right duties and their disregard for the humanitarian aspect.


At many checkpoints deployed in Baghdad and outside, there are many reports, complaints and evidence of immoral acts carried out by some elements of these forces and officials which play a role in distorting the image of the security forces and their great role and sacrifices for the nation. Those acts leave a gap and a kind of rebellion and hatred within citizen's minds.

Iraqi citizens are subject to a temperamental, backward and uncivilized manner of dealing, observers revealed. They feel a sense of contempt and humiliation as a  result of the abuse by some of the rulers' employees. This comes under the influence of inspection by "sniffing dogs".

Citizens are forced to get out of the car with their families to be inspected in special corridors or camps similar to refugee camps. Thus, queues of women, old men and children standing in different directions are exposed to the inspection corridors waiting for their background to be checked.

Observers called on officials and decision-makers in the Iraqi government and parliament to deeply and professionally consider the checkpoints to improve the reality of security by modern methods.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 17 July 2019 07:26 PM