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Iraq's 16-year old educational crisis


Education in Iraq has been facing a tragic reality since 2003 under deliberate government negligence, while Iraqi citizens, social institutions and schools pay the cost of the struggle between parties, sects and political forces.

Education is deemed an important indicator of the development and progress of societies. 

On the other hand, ignorance can be diagnosed as a disease that causes the level of crimes to increase, construction and economy to deteriorate, human rights to be neglected, and ultimately lower income.

Observers have pointed out that education in Iraq has been witnessing a significant gap since 2003.

Both ministries of education and higher education have been involved in a number of sectarian and political conflicts over who shall head them to spread certain doctrines and ideologies.

Moreover, universities have become suffocating environments for students and trainees due to futile curricula that no longer serve the requirements of the current stage.

Some political parties also have been “supporting” students, granting them fake higher degrees despite the weakness of the curricula and teaching staff.

As well as the decline in primary education, an increasing number of students compared to the number of schools and classrooms exacerbates the crisis.

Also, the absence of an educational relationship between teacher and student has contributed to the problem; this sometimes escalates to quarrels between parents and the school administration.

Observers have stressed that the Iraqi government should be concerned with the field by establishing schools and modern buildings equipped with all educational means. This will achieve the goal of education in a manner commensurate with the progress of the educational process around the world. 

Experts also add that the government should be concerned with formulating curricula on the basis of a new national peace, in addition to improving the methods of education and the use of the scientific progress.

Issuing laws and activating them, paying attention to compulsory education, addressing the causes of dropout, and reducing the phenomenon of private schools and private teaching will serve to eradicate illiteracy.

The crisis is in need of the government upgrading the education field, eliminating parties' interference in education, and drawing a complete strategy in the field of admission to universities in light of the actual need demanded by the health, engineering, industry, agricultural, transport and all other sectors.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 16 July 2019 12:53 AM