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Kirkuk governor grants positions to his Baathist, ISIS relatives: KDP


Shakhwan Abdullah, member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), commented on Sunday on the demonstrations held two days ago in the province of Kirkuk, pointing out that they were driven by acting Governor Rakan al-Jabouri and his followers from the Baathist and ISIS elements.


"Jabouri's relatives were in Camp Bucca and they are ISIS elements and supporters; the governor brought them and handed them positions in Kirkuk,” said Abdullah. “We reject this matter and submitted a full report to the prime minister."


He added: "The demonstrations that kicked off Friday, July 12 are small, paid groups and do not represent Kirkuk's Arabs. They were brought from Hawija, including a group of ISIS and Baath Party followers to demonstrate in the center of the city."


Abdullah stated: "We neither recognize Jabouri nor are interested in him. We are in the understanding process from the Arab components and Turkmen representatives on distributing the positions in Kirkuk in accordance with the political and demographic entitlement."


He went on saying: "Jubouri fears the Kurds' return so as not to open the files of his relatives of ISIS followers who were appointed in the province, so they raised these provocative and inflammatory slogans against the Kurdish component."


Dozens of Arab components' sons in Kirkuk organized a protest on Friday in the center of the province rejecting the nomination of a new "Kurdish" governor of the province.

The United Arab Front in Kirkuk called on its masses to partake in a demonstration in front of the Kirkuk Provincial Council building, stressing that it would not allow the Kurdish parties to determine Kirkuk's fate.

Last Modified: Monday، 15 July 2019 10:50 PM