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Gorran head calls on Baghdad to end Turkish-Iranian bombings in N Iraq

Gorran Movement

Kawa Mohamed, leader of Iraq's Gorran (Change) Movement parliamentary bloc, expressed his surprise at Baghdad's silence over the repeated Turkish-Iranian bombings on Iraq's northern territory, calling on the government to intervene.

"We are surprised by the lack of response or even condemnation by the federal government or the province's governance on the Iranian aggression that has affected innocent people at the villages of the region," he said in a press statement. "Violations against Iraqi sovereignty and the injury of a number of citizens continues by neighboring countries."

Mohamed stressed the need to preserve Iraq's sovereignty and citizens' lives. He called on the federal government to "intervene immediately and quickly end the flagrant violations against the Iraqi sovereignty."

He pointed out that "the Iranian shelling of villages in the region killed a girl and wounded two others," pointing out that "the Turkish bombing continues on a daily basis through airstrikes to the region's villages, leading to the death of many citizens without any response or condemnation from the two governments."

Surprised by Baghdad's "silence on the violations by Turkey and Iran," Mohamed called on the federal government to "take a serious position."


Last Modified: Sunday، 14 July 2019 04:01 AM