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Sistani only person who can dissolve IMIS, not PM: Hassan al-Ka’abi


Ali al-Sistani is the only person capable of dissolving the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS), said head of Badr parliamentary block Hassan al-Ka’abi on Tuesday.

Ka’abi's comments followed the decision of Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi to annex IMIS militants to the security institute, saying it is useless.

“IMIS consists of armed factions and maintaining it through military and ideological training is a must to remain a strong power,” Ka’abi said, adding that IMIS is an integral part of the resistance project which is under the control of Tehran and Najaf.

He added that the reason for forming the militia still exists, and ending its mission will not happen unless the Shiite Marja, led by Sistani, ordered its dissolution, not any body else, according to Ka’abi.

Abd al-Mahdi issued on Monday a decree heavily curbing the powers of IMIS, forcing them to further integrate into the country's formal armed forces.


The groups have a lot of influence in Iraqi politics.

Abd al-Mahdi's decree integrates paramilitary units into the military and forces groups to pick between political or military activity. Groups have until July 31 to abide by the new regulations, the decree said.

Following the announcement, the influential Shiite cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr announced on Monday the dissolution of his armed wing — Saraya Al-Salam — and ordered the closure of its headquarters, cancellation of its names and its re-association with the Iraqi official security establishment.

What was issued by the prime minister relating to the Shiite militias is an important decision and a correct step towards building a strong state, Sadr said in a statement.

“What I care about is that Saraya Al-Salam — which I established — would be the first one to apply this decision. Hence, I announce that I completely disassociate myself from it,” he added.

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