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MP warns Abd al-Mahdi of expanded protests in Basra

Basra MP Mithaq al-Hamidi said that the demonstrations that sparked during the past two days in the province is expanding, calling on the Prime Minister to consider the legal and constitutional demands of the protestors.

"We have already warned the government to stop ignoring the rights of the richest province in Iraq, in providing services and [job] opportunities and to launch the petrodollar and its rights in the sea and land ports," Hamidi said.

Hamidi warned that in case demonstrations expanded, the movement of ports and the work of oil companies may stop.

Dozens of protesters rallied in front of the house of the head of Provincial Council on Friday night, demanding the improvement of services, appointing the province’s residents in governmental posts and oil companies.

Iraqi riot police used tear gas to disperse demonstrators against the poor public services and government corruption on Saturday in Basra, security sources were quoted saying.
Last Modified: Sunday، 30 June 2019 10:27 PM