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UN Security Council expresses support for Iraq’s stability, reconstruction

Jonathan Cohen

Representatives of the UN Security Council (UNSC) in Iraq have reiterated their support for the war-torn nation's security, stabilization, and reconstruction efforts.

During a press conference on Saturday in Baghdad after the international delegation met with both senior Iraqi and Kurdish leaders, US acting ambassador to the UN Jonathan Cohen said the UNSC supports Iraq’s recovery and reconciliation as part of a plan to fulfill the needs of all Iraqis after years of fierce fighting against ISIS.

Moreover, Cohen reiterated support to the United Nations Assistance Mission to Iraq (UNAMI) encouraging the country to resolve internal problems through dialogue and commit substantial resources toward national reconciliation.

Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the UN Mansour al-Otaibi, said “in general the message of the Security Council is clear,” and that the nations of the world stand with the country.

He also added that “the international community appreciates the great sacrifices made by Iraq and its people to defeat such terrorist organization that has committed heinous crimes against civilians in different areas in Iraq.”

Last Modified: Sunday، 30 June 2019 02:56 PM