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Mosul's fire kills firefighter, several citizens of breathing problems

Fire in Mishraq's sulfur plant south of Mosul on Wednesday caused the death of a firefighter and several citizens after suffering breathing problems, officials said. 

The plant, owned by the Mishraq Sulphur State Company, is located in Hamam al-Alil, just south of the Iraqi city of Mosul. 

Basra MP Ahmed al-Jabouri described Wednesday's fire as "catastrophic," as it will emit much toxic gases.

"It requires dispatching the Minister of Interior, Health and Industry to control and extinguish the fire," Jabouri added.

MP Mohamed Iqbal of Nineveh urged the federal government to form a crisis cell to put out the fire.

"The local effort is not sufficient," Iqbal warned in a statement, urging all other cities to contribute to put out the fire and eliminate its harmful consequences. He warned of a natural and humanitarian crisis in case the fire is not controlled.

Earlier in June, Iraq's Civil Defense Directorate said that a fire broke out near the laboratory of Mishraq Sulfur. The civil defense managed to put the fire out.

Nineveh's Director of Agriculture Duraid Hekmat said that the increasing number of wheat and barley fires in Nineveh reflects the seriousness of the food security situation in the province.

"We do not rule out that foreign parties may be standing behind all fires, to undermine Iraq and destroy its economy."

Head of the Al-Hal (Solution) bloc Jamal al-Karbouli called on the government to disclose the culprits who destroyed thousands of donums of agricultural land.
Last Modified: Thursday، 27 June 2019 03:01 AM