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Integrity MPs seek withdrawing confidence from Communications min.

Naeem al-Rubaie - Facebook page
Naeem al-Rubaie - Facebook page
The Parliamentary Integrity Committee announced its intention to withdraw confidence from current Minister of Communications Naeem al-Rubaie, as he is included in the accountability and justice procedures.

"There is a clear parliamentary tendency to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Communications," committee member Kadhim al-Sayadi said, adding that "more than a parliamentary committee have recorded the existence of financial and administrative violations in the work of the ministry, including suspicions of corruption."

Sayadi mentioned reasons for the step, including the failure of Rubaie's administration of the ministry, the continuous deterioration of the communications sector, and the poor processing of Internet service for citizens.

"The procedures to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Communications will take its legal path after the completion of the government," Sayadi stated.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 25 June 2019 12:53 AM