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Allawi: New defense min. is a hero, has historical responsibility

Allawi Twitter

Head of Al-Wataniya Coalition Ayad Allawi praised the new Minister of Defense Najah al-Shammari, who managed to get passed by the parliament on Monday months after the prime minister took post in October.

"Najah al-Shammari was a military man, and is one of its heroes, who has a patriotic history and has incredible heroic [acts] in the war on terrorism," Allawi said in a tweet.

Shammari has a historical responsibility, which is to improve the prestige of the military institution, so it can serve the interest of Iraq and its people, away from other subservient affiliations, Allawi added.

The Iraqi Parliament on Monday had finally elected three candidates to key ministerial posts in the government of Adil Abd al-Mahdi.

The parliament elected Shamari as Minister of Defense, Yassin al-Yasiri for the Minister of Interior, and Farouq Amin Shwani as the Minister of Justice.


Last Modified: Monday، 24 June 2019 11:41 PM