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Berlin: Some 160 German terrorists believed to be killed in Syria, Iraq

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The German Government has revealed that the fate of some 160 German terrorists has remained unknown and they are believed to have died in combat in Syria and Iraq.

The German Die Welt Newspaper quoted that the federal government in an answer to a question by Secretary-General of the Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP) Linda Teuteberg on the fate of German terrorists who headed for Syria and Iraq and joined ISIS terrorist organization as saying that “It doesn’t know the fate of some 160 of them, yet the available information indicate that they might be killed on the battlefield.”

Teuteberg also accused the government of having “no plan for dealing with foreign terrorists from Germany” or holding them accountable for their actions.

One of the politicians at the FDP slammed the Government’s policy in dealing with the German ISIS terrorists, saying ” A concept should be reached on the way of dealing with the returning terrorists and strengthening the capacity of German authorities to investigate and prosecute war crimes abroad.”

Head of the German internal intelligence service, Thomas Hilden Fang has more than once warned of the growing danger of ISIS terrorists who managed to return to Germany.

Like many other Western states, Germany tries to prevent the danger of terrorists who return to its territories, although some Western states had provided all forms of support to terrorist organization in Syria and the region.

Last Modified: Monday، 24 June 2019 04:03 PM