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IRGC smuggles goods across border to bypass regulations


Iranian local sources have revealed that a footage circulated about a long line of trucks smuggling goods is being controlled by regime officials and the IRGC.

The sources pointed out that this is being done in order to bypass all regulations with an aim to achieve the maximum amounts of profits.

But even with this, over 80 percent of the Iranian population is living in poverty.


Due to the economic failure of the Iranian regime, its people have become increasingly poorer over the past 40 years.

About 12-15 million of the Iranian population face absolute poverty and the rest, relative poverty.

According to sources systematic mishandling of national resources, widespread corruption, allocation of billions of dollars for military conflicts abroad and low foreign investment due to the anti-Western policies of the regime, are among the reasons Iran has become increasingly poorer over the past four decades.

Worse still, according to some reports, between 11 million and 21 million people in Iran live in slums, deprived of minimum health and public services.

Last Modified: Monday، 24 June 2019 04:36 PM