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KDP, PUK to seek ending dispute over justice ministry Sunday

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) will hold a meeting later Sunday to resolve the issue of choosing a candidate for the justice ministry, a parliamentary source said, stressing that the dispute over the ministry is still in place.

The source said that "the dispute between the main parties of the Kurdistan Democratic Union and the National Union still exists on the candidate of the Ministry of Justice and in the most cases."

The two Kurdish parties will hold a crucial meeting this evening to reach a compromise on the candidate of the justice ministry, the source said, expecting that the Kurdish parties will reach a consensus during the meeting.

Concerning the defense and education ministries, Wataniya Coalition MP Zeitoun al-Dulaimi said that the Sunni MPs agreed on Najah al-Shammari and Safana al-Hamdani as candidates for the defense and education portfolios respectively.
Last Modified: Sunday، 23 June 2019 11:36 PM