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Death awaits everyone inside Iran prisons

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Jails in Iran are full of prisoners of conscience as well as criminals imprisoned due to the deteriorated economic situation and other non-Persian prisoners. 300 Iranian out of every 100,000 are in prisons, making Iran on top of countries with highest number of prisoners in relation with number of population.

Increasing death rate

The narrow prisons with high number of detainees led to increasing death rates inside the prisons. Political prisoner Sheer Mohamed died in the prison as he was spending his imprisonment in Tehran prison. He was killed by other prisoners.

Iranian legal expert Ali Najafi said situations inside the Iranian prisons are getting worse. The high number of prisoners is the main reason behind their deteriorated situation.

300 prisoners out of every 100,000

Najafi added that out of every 100,000 prisoners, there are 300 imprisoned, while the rate in other countries in ten to 15 inmates out of every 100,000.

Prisons don’t need more laws, he said, however, the problem is about not applying the laws and not respecting them by prisoners. In 2009, several protesters were killed inside the prisons due to torturing. Also, the Canadian-Iranian Zahraa Kadhimi, who was killed inside jail.

Regarding the murder of Sheer Mohamed, Najafi said the prisons authority should answer the question: why this prisoner was held with criminal prisoners?

1500 Ahwazi

The Ahwazi Center of Human Rights, the founder member of the international campaign supporting “revolution of the non-persian peoples” in Iran, said the oppressive security agencies held thousands of protesters in prisons, including 1500 Ahwazi, since eruption of protests on December 27, 2017.  He also warned against the excessive torture and trials that end up in death sentences.

Recent protests

Iranian MPs expressed their concern regarding the deaths among prisoners in the wake of recent protests against the regime. Some evidence indicate that six opponents died as result of torture inside prisons without monitoring by the government.

Silent parliamentary anger

MP Parvaneh Salahshouri, representing Tehran, said the prison authority is in charge of the lives of the inmates, whether political or non-political ones. It should answer the inquiries, especially after news were circulated about the death of an inmate in a prison, north of Iran.

She also indicated that she has no information about the number of prisoners, however, she said other MPs are determined to follow up on the reason behind the death of the prisoners.

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