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Protests in Iraq's southern city of Basra resume


Hundreds of protesters have continued their demonstrations to renew their ongoing public anger against corruption, lack of basic public services, and unemployment in the southern, oil-rich province of Basra.

Protesters gathered in front of the governorate building which houses the local provincial council on Thursday. However, riot police and other security forces present had cordoned it off as a precaution following the destruction of the previous office last year.

The protests, which reached its climax in September, resulted in burning Basra's then-governorate building, as well as multiple other government buildings, party offices, and the Iranian consulate.

In remarks, activist Ahmed al-Basri said protesters called for the resignation of the local government because they are “incapable or heedless of the people’s demands,” to improve the poor standard of living for the residents of Basra, where most of the oil that funds the national budget originates.

The demonstrators, according to al-Basri, would return on Sunday and continue to demonstrate as long as their demands are not addressed.

Last Modified: Saturday، 22 June 2019 03:36 PM