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Forming opposition within parliament an attempt to topple government: Experts

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Professor Haidar al-Barzanji has expected some blocs and movements to join al-Hikma movement, which recently announced taking the side of opposition, forming an active opposition within the parliament.

In remarks, Barzanji said the presence of real opposition would be a path correction, only if played as planned, unless some movements and blocs used it to take advantages.

Meanwhile, Adnan al-Siraj, head of the Iraqi Media Development Center, said it’s possible to set a system for a constructive opposition through some blocs, however, the problem will be the leadership of the opposition, which will hinder having a real opposition due to the different visions toward the current government.

In related context, Bassim al-Sheikh, chief editor of Al-Dostour newspaper, said Adil Abdul-Mahdi’s cabinet faces many challenges due to the partners who did not agree on completion of the cabinet formation. In addition, some political groups are angry for being excluded, which made them form an opposition force that seeks toppling the government.

However, Iyad al-Samawi, political analyst, said Al-Hikma is still far away from forming an opposition, adding that the political forces seek toppling the government and such target will not be achieved without a political majority.

Last Modified: Friday، 21 June 2019 06:07 PM