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Noose tightened on PM as opposition seeks monitoring gov't program

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Political parties started to adopt opposition against Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi as he failed since he took post in October last year to complete his government formation, amid pressures and influence of some parties.

MP for Wisdom Movement's parliamentary bloc Abbas Sarwat said that most blocs have become supportive of the idea of the opposition. He said that his party communicated with the Nasr Alliance, Al-Wataniya Coalition, Al-Qarar (Decision) Coalition, and other blocs, in addition to Kurdish parties, to form an opposition bloc.

MP Ihsan al-Shibli of Nasr Alliance, which has turned to opposition recently, said that the government gets its last chance to implement its program or it will be sacked. 

The vision of "most of the political blocs became close to our approaches based on the formation of an opposition bloc within the Council of Representatives," Khalil Saeed, an MP of the Nasr Alliance said.

Saeed said that the government did not commit to implement its government program to provide services to citizens, although seven months already passed.

Reforming path

The opposition to the government did not speak clearly about intentions to overthrow the government. However, parties asserted that they joined the opposition to reform the path of the government performance.

An MP of Nasr Alliance said on Sunday that turning to the opposition does not mean targeting the government of Abd al-Mahdi and seeking to bring it down.

In press remarks, Seham Shannon said that her party has joined the opposition to assess the government's performance and strictly monitor the implementation of the government program approved by the parliament members.

The Nasr MP accused the government of "not paying attention to the reopening of the halted projects and factories, which the government promised [to reopen] in its government program during the first months."

Moreover, a Saairun Alliance MP denied on Sunday any intentions of her party to overthrow the government of Abd al-Mahdi, noting that it works to support and strengthen the government.

Saairun aims to "support the government of Abd al-Mahdi, work on strengthening it and correcting the mistakes of the past," MP Anam Khuzaie said, adding: "if there had been an intention of Saairun to overthrow Abd al-Mahdi secretly, it (the party) would have [worked] on it from the first days."

Khuzaie said that the program of Saairun Alliance "is based on the basis of building the state properly," stressing that "this does not mean to turn a blind eye to corruption or a defect that exists in whatever ministry."

Another chance?

"[The decision] to give or not to give another chance to the government of Abd al Mahdi depends on the extent of implementation of the government program," Saairun parliament member Badr al-Ziadi said on Tuesday.

Ziadi said it is likely that  Abd al-Mahdi and some of his ministers will be hosted by the parliament next week.

"Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi and his government is required to provide a detailed explanation on the implementation of the government program in figures to the members of the Council of Representatives," Ziadi added.


Sadr's statement


Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr on Monday called on "all" political blocs to authorize Abd Al-Mahdi to complete the government within 10 days.

Sadr had urged supporters to stage mass protests against former governments and suggested it could happen against the current government of Abd al-Mahdi.

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