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Politicians say foreign parties behind fires in Iraq

Crops fire
Fires continue to break out across Iraq, while the perpetrators remain uncovered. Iraq's Civil Defense Directorate said that a fire broke out near the laboratory of Mishraq Sulfur. Fortunately, the civil defense managed to put the fire out.

Nineveh's Director of Agriculture Duraid Hekmat said that the increasing number of wheat and barley fires in Nineveh reflects the seriousness of the food security situation in the province.

"We do not rule out that foreign parties may be standing behind all fires, to undermine Iraq and destroy its economy."

Head of the Al-Hal (Solution) bloc Jamal al-Karbouli called on the government to disclose the culprits who destroyed thousands of donums of agricultural land.


Karbouli earlier promised to disclose the perpetrators of these crimes in case he is granted the post of the head of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, in order for the service not to be controlled by only one bloc.

"Iraq's agricultural fields have been [burnt] for about a month and all the security and intelligence services under the leadership of one component has not revealed to the day who is behind those fires, and could not even stop it," Karbouli said.

"Keep your promises and only give us the intelligence service, and if we fail to put an end to the fires and expose the facts to you and the people, we will not ask you for anything," he added.

Subsequently, Wisdom Movement official Mohamed al-Lakash called for arresting Karbouli.

"A politician's pledging to stop the fires breaking out in the wheat and barley fields in the southern and northern provinces, on the condition that he is granted the post is a "dangerous development," Lakash said.

"I demand the arrest of Karbouli and bringing him to justice to inquire him about the parties behind the fires as he pledged to disclose them immediately after he gets the post."

Last Modified: Tuesday، 18 June 2019 01:44 AM