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More parties declare their opposition against PM Abd al-Mahdi

Courtesy of the prime minister of Iraq
Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi's failure to complete the government since he took post in past October has triggered wide anger among people and officials, who described the Shiite premier's reluctance as "weakness."

On October 24, Abd al-Mahdi managed to get the parliamentary approval on 14 out of 22 ministries. However disagreement between political blocs especially on security ministries have thwarted Abd al-Mahdi's efforts to complete the cabinet in a short time.

This pushed political parties and people to think that the quota system has become even more rampant during Abd al-Mahdi's term.

MP Ihsan al-Shibli of Nasr Alliance, which has turned to opposition recently, said that the government gets its last chance to implement its program or it will be sacked.

Although many people on social media have expressed such anger, members of many political parties denied intentions to overthrow Abd al-Mahdi's government, including Nasr Alliance headed by former Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi.

Nasr Alliance

An MP of Nasr Alliance said on Sunday that turning to the opposition does not mean targeting the government of Abd al-Mahdi and seeking to bring it down.

In press remarks, Seham Shannon said that her party has joined the opposition to assess the government's performance and strictly monitor the implementation of the government program approved by the parliament members.

"The most important reason that led us to the opposition is the reluctance of the government to implement its program, especially in the field of [limiting] unemployment, which has become the most serious phenomenon in our society," Shannon added.

The Nasr MP accused the government of "not paying attention to the reopening of the halted projects and factories, which the government promised [to reopen] in its government program during the first months."


A Saairun Alliance MP denied on Sunday any intentions of her party to overthrow the government of Abd al-Mahdi, noting that it works to support and strengthen the government.

Saairun aims to "support the government of Abd al-Mahdi, work on strengthening it and correcting the mistakes of the past," MP Anam Khuzaie said, adding: "if there had been an intention of Saairun to overthrow Abd al-Mahdi secretly, it (the party) would have [worked] on it from the first days."

Khuzaie said that the program of Saairun Alliance "is based on the basis of building the state properly," stressing that "this does not mean to turn a blind eye to corruption or a defect that exists in whatever ministry."
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