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Carter calls for military intervention against Iran

Carter calls for military intervention against Iran
Former US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has stressed the need for military intervention against Iran if it is proven that it has attacked two tankers in the Gulf of Oman.
Carter said Friday in an interview with the magazine "Atlantic" that he supports the theory of the current Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo that "Iran's agents are the attack, which means they are responsible for the incident."
"I think there is no doubt about Pompeo's accusations that the Iranians have done because they are beginning to feel the pressure of sanctions," he said. "If the attack is proved by Iranian allies, we should consider Iran responsible."
"Pompeo talked about the political, economic and not military response to Iran, but in fact, I prefer the military response to be one of the options," said the former minister who took office during former President Barack Obama.
Carter's comments come amid heightened tension in the Middle East after two oil tankers were targeted in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, and Washington is pointing fingers at Tehran.