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Justice Min. denies existence of ‘alien prisoners’ in Iraqi prisons

The Iraqi Ministry of Justice on Thursday denied news about the existence of “alien prisoners” to fake out nutrition budgets at the Iraqi Reform Office.

A statement by the ministry said its offices and authorities are operating in adherence to the Iraqi law and international human rights standards.

Yesterday, a demand has been submitted to the Supreme Anti-Corruption Council to investigate the existence of “alien prisoners” within the prisons of Iraq.

MP Burhan al-Maamouri revealed in a statement, which The Baghdad Post received a copy of, that such “alien prisoners” –  a term often refers to random names added to inmates listings of prisons for extra budget expenses – waste state budget significantly.

“The Iraqi Reform Office is considered one of the most important offices within the Justice Ministry,” MP Maamouri’s statement said. “These alien prisoners cost the state budget tens of billions to cover inmates nutrition programs.”

Maamouri further said the existence of “alien prisoners” within inmates nutrition contracts raise many questions towards the Reform Office.
Last Modified: Thursday، 13 June 2019 09:15 PM