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Sadrist movement calls for protest in memory of Speicher massacre

Speicher - Tasnim News - Hamed Jafarnejad
Speicher - Tasnim News - Hamed Jafarnejad

The Sadrist movement called for organizing a demonstration in Baghdad's Liberation Square in memory of the tragic massacre of Camp Speicher, and to demand re-investigating the fall of Mosul.

In an official statement, a Sadrist committee set June 14 for the peaceful demonstration.

The statement affirmed the insistence to "pursue the heads of treachery and corruption" so that they can be imprisoned or punished by the judiciary."

"We will remain restless as long as we see Speicher criminals free and enjoying their money," the statement added.


On June 12, 2014, ISIS killed at least 1,566 Shia Iraqi Air Force cadets in an attack on Camp Speicher in Tikrit.

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