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5 years on: Reasons of Mosul fall still unrevealed

ISIS - still image
ISIS - still image
The debate is still going on about the reasons for Mosul's fall and the real culprits, and how four military divisions collapsed in front of 2,000 armed men, leaving tens of thousands of civilians and military personnel dead.

Despite the many statements and accusations launched for political and sectarian reasons, the real reasons for what happened are still hidden from the Iraqi public opinion.

Five years after the tragedy, Head of the Wataniya (National) Coalition, Ayad Allawi, called for a comprehensive investigation into the fall of Mosul.

Allawi's call can mean that a real, comprehensive and fair investigation has not been carried out so far, despite all claims about the formation of parliamentary or non-parliamentary committees to investigate the incident.

"We still unfortunately unaware of the reasons that led to what we [experience] today and the factors supporting terrorism still exist," Allawi said.

Nineveh MP Mahasen Hamdoun said the investigations on Mosul's fall has been ignored as they have included high-level officials and political interests.

Many of the files relating to Nineveh have been neglected, especially with regard to compensation for those affected by the entry of ISIS to the province, Hamdoun said.

Mosul is still suffering a tragic situation, in addition to the fires that have harmed a large part of its territory, Hamdoun added.

Nineveh MP Iqbal al-Saidali said that the conditions of the province are now similar to the events of the fall of Mosul, adding that the Mosul fell due to "misguidance in various aspects of the administration of the state."

"The main reasons behind the fall of Mosul still exist," a Nineveh MP said.

Khalaf al-Hadidi, a member of the Nineveh Provincial Council, said that "corruption and bribery in the security services, and the extortion of the population by some of the members of those forces did not change throughout that time."

Osama al-Nujaifi, head of the Qarar (Decision) Alliance, said that facts must be revealed for a fair trial for those who caused the fall of Mosul.

"There were figures who had the power to decide, and had the armed forces and the direct executive order. The failure to carry out [these procedures] caused the collapse of the city and left it in the hands of terrorism," he stated.
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