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Turkmen, Arabs endorse joint administration of Kirkuk: Touran

Battle of Kirkuk - 2016 - Wikimedia Commons - Masterworld224
Battle of Kirkuk - 2016 - Wikimedia Commons - Masterworld224
Deputy Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Hassan Touran said on Tuesday that the Turkmen endorse a joint administration of Kirkuk embraces all of its components, noting that the Arabs and Turkmen constitute a majority in the province.

"The issues in the province should necessarily be managed in a joint way," Touran said, affirming that "Kirkuk must benefit its oil wealth, which had not benefited because of bad administrations, consecutive administrative and financial corruption, as well as the demographic change before and after 2003."

"The problem of Kirkuk will be solved if the choice is left to its people," he stated.
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